Real Potatoes is continually introducing new varieties to address the ever changing demands of the marketplace. While there is no shortage of new varieties being brought to market, many unfortunately do not represent good business opportunities for growers. It is only by studing and understanding where the market is trending that varieties can be selected today that will be successful in the marketplace when they achieve commercial volumes.

Real Potatoes works with a wide variety of breeders in Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States to bring the best of the best new varieties to market. We get involved at the early seedling testing and further evaluate each new variety extensively in North America before we make it widely available.

The development process isn't just at the variety level. We work with our business partners to identify traits and characteristics that can be used to not only build market share but establish and develop new markets. These concepts allow our varieties to become established not only within the industry, but also with the consumer.

If you are ready to move your operation to the next level, give us a call.

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