For seed potato clients, Real Potatoes has Proprietary Potato Varieties and Free Market Potato Varieties and has production associations with potato producers in all areas of North America.

Our seed potato clientele take advantage of multiple delivery options, exclusive varieties and production locations presenting almost year round delivery possibilities.

On a potato variety development basis, Real Potatoes understands proprietary rights and provides Potato Breeders with an introduction and commercialization network.

In step with New Technology, Real Potatoes possesses two distinct technology applications:

  1. One system is based on In-vitro Potato Propagation – Seed Potato technology and has been commercially proven in many countries.
  2. A second system deals with a computer based Potato Sales Data Management System available to record production and sales information for your potato business. 
      • Manage Inventories.
      • Reduce Bookkeeping 90%.
      • Speed up invoicing.
      • Control your costs.
      • Professionalize your potato business.
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