Nadine produces a very high yield of bright attractive tubers for the fresh market.  It is a leading variety with a proven track record in both North Temperate and Warm Southern climates. NADINE is a variety favoured by producers as it is a dependable yielder of marketable product.

Utilization: Fresh Market
Maturity: Maincrop (95-105 DAP)
Yield: Very high
Skin Color: White, smooth
Flesh Color: Cream
Tuber Shape: Round oval to oval
Tuber Size:  Medium to large
Tuber Set: 15-18
Dry Matter: 14.5 - 15.5 %
Dormancy:  Medium
Storage: Medium to long
Variety Strengths:

  • Semi tolerant to Heat and Drought.
  • Moderate to high resistance to Hollow Heart
  • Moderate to high resistance to Common scab
  • Moderate to high tolerance to defects and mechanical handling
  • Moderate resistance to Skin spot and Black dot
  • Maintains excellent skin appearance in storage and transit
  • Moderate to high resistance to PVY virus
  • Good resistance to Cyst nematodes R01



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