Norland RP is a clonal selection from Dark Red Norland and has consistently produced better marketable yields and skin color than other Norland strains, with less skin color blotching.  Since chosen in house, the Norland has an RP indicator that is specific to Real Potatoes.  The clone tends to set 2-3 more tubers per plant and has a slightly smaller tuber profile than other Norland strains but consistently does better in comparison trials and field grown evaluations.

Utilization: Fresh Market
Maturity: Second early (75-85 DAP)
Yield: High
Skin Color: Red, smooth 
Flesh Color: White
Tuber Shape: Round
Tuber Size: Large
Tuber Set: 9-11
Dry Matter: 17.5-18.5 %
Dormancy: Medium long
Storage: Medium to long

Variety Strengths:

  • Moderate resistance to Common scab
  • Consistent higher yields than other Norland strains
  • Uniform tuber type and shape
  • Consistent better skin colour than other Norlands strains
  • Maintains better skin colour out of storage than other Norland strains
  • Gernally less silver scurf blemish out of storage than other Norland strains
  • Low incidence to Secondary growth, Growth Cracks and Hollow heart
  • Maturity is a few days longer than Norland clones
  • Vines are slightly more vigorous than several of the Norland clones
  • Sets 2-3 more tubers per plant
  • Less skin blotching than other Norland strains
  • For large tuber profiles then space it 1.5-2.0 inches wider in row than other Norland strains
  • Avoid use of Metribuzin herbicides
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