Andover is an early maturing chipping variety developed by Cornell University. Andover produces round tubers with a medium size profile.  Andover is suited for early field chipping and produces excellent chip colour from the field abd from early storage.  Andovers maturity is earlier than Atlantic and Dakota Pearls so is one of the earliest chippers in certain regions.

Utilization: Chip Market
Maturity: second Early(75-85 DAP)

Yield: High  
Skin Color: White, moderately textured 
Flesh Color: White
Tuber Shape: Oblong 
Tuber Set: 8-10 
Dry Matter: 20.4-20.8%, slightly less than Atlantic
Dormancy: Medium to long, slightly longer than Atlantic

Variety Strengths: 

  • Moderate resistant to Common scab 
  • Resistance to Powdery scab
  • Resistant to Golden nematode
  • Rapid plant emergence
  • moderate tolerance to mechanical damage
  • Low incidence to Secondary growth, Growth cracks and Hollow heart
  • Specific gravity is slightly lower than Atlantic
  • Requires a closer in row spacing (8-9 inch)
  • Requires adequate consistent rainfall or irrigation for best results.
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