Coming Soon - Under Trail Evaluation and seed increase

A German fry selection made in 2015, has the ability to fry from the field to a mid season.  

Utilization: French Fry Market
Maturity: early Maincrop (100 DAP)
Yield: High
Skin Color: light tan, semi smooth
Flesh Color: white
Tuber Shape: Long Oval 
Tuber Size: medium to Large
Tuber Set: 9-11
Dry Matter: 21.0-22.0 %
Dormancy:  medium to Long
Storage: Medium

Variety Strengths:

  • High marketable yield
  • Moderate to high resistance to Common scab
  • Moderate to high resistance to PVY strains and PLRV
  • High tolerance to potato leafroll virus
  • High resistance to Rhizoctonia or Black scurf
  • Moderate High Resistance to Foliar blight
  • Low incidence to Growth cracks, secondary growth, Hollow heart
  • Shallow eye depth
  • Dry Matter > 22.0%
  • Resistance to Wart disease; D1
  • Resistance to PCN; R01
  • Mealy texture
  • Good Fry color field to mid term storage, continued storage Fry color trials are under evaluation
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