Pacific Russet is presently the earliest Russet in the marketplace.  A fresh market Russet potato that will strongly compete for marketplace with Norkotah Russet and Goldrush.

Pacific Russet tubers have a bold appearance and present a potato that typifies a typical American style Russet Baking Potato.

Utilization: Fresh Market
Maturity: early Maincrop (85-95 DAP)
Yield: High
Skin Color: Russet, light netted
Flesh Color: White
Tuber Shape: Oblong
Tuber Size:  Large
Tuber Set: 7 - 9
Dry Matter: 18-19%
Dormancy: Medium long
Storage: Medium to long
Variety Strengths:

  • Very high marketable yield
  • Early tuber bulking
  • Very uniform shape
  • Semi tolerant to Heat and Drought 
  • Very low incidence to Secondary growth, Growth cracks and Hollow heart
  • Moderate resistance to Common scab 
  • Moderate resistance to Mechanical bruising
  • Moderate to high resistance to Verticillium wilt
  • Excellent eating qualities and great taste profile



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