MacKinaw Chipper is a new generation of chip variety with built in resistances like no other chipper in the marketplace today.  MacKinaw chipper produces a high percentage of A size tubers with a high specific gravity.  It is a full season chipper with a high yield potential.  Mackinaw has excellent chip processing ability from short term and long term storage. 

Utilization: Chip Market
Maturity: late Maincrop (105-110 DAP), slightly longer than Lamoka
Yield: High to very high, higher than Lamoka
Skin Color: light tan, lightly netted
Flesh Color: creamy White

Tuber Shape: Round 
Tuber Set: 10-12 
Dry Matter: 22.5-23.5%, higher than Lamoka
Dormancy:  Medium, similar to Lamoka 

Variety Strengths: 

  • High tolerance to heat and drought 
  • Produces high percentage of A sized potatoes
  • Resistant to PVY
  • Resistant to Late Blight
  • High tolerance to Common Scab
  • Resistance to Rhizoctonia (black scurf)
  • Tolerance to Verticillium wilt
  • High Specific gravity, higher than Lamoka
  • Moderate to high tolerance to stem end defects
  • Low Invertase levels
  • Black spot bruise susceptibility is comparible to Snowden
  • Excellent chipping from short term and long term storage, chips into June - July from 48-50 F, does not need to be reconditioned at these temperatures. Preliminary data suggests it can chip from 46F long term storage
  • Very low incidence of Secondary growth, Growth cracks and Hollow heart
  • Requires a wider in row spacing compared to most chipping varieties (12 inch in row)
  • N fertility is less than Lamoka (5-8% less N)


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