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Varieties that represent the best in the organic category

Alta Cloud is a high yielding dual purpose Russet.  It produces very attractive, oblong shape tubers with shallow eyes and good appearance.  It produces a vigorous vine and can also be suited for organic production.

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Caribou Russet is gaining popularity as a dual purpose potato that delivers classic russet flavors; its great mashed, fried or baked. It performs well under dry land conditions with excellent early vine development and plant vigor and is very heat and drought tolerant.  It produces high yields and is easy to grow. It stores well, but storage management requires attention as the variety has a short tuber dormancy.

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MacKinaw Chipper is a new generation of chip variety with built in resistances like no other chipper in the marketplace today.  MacKinaw chipper produces a high percentage of A size tubers with a high specific gravity.  It is a full season chipper with a high yield potential.  Mackinaw has excellent chip processing ability from short term and long term storage. 

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Pacific Russet is presently the earliest Russet in the marketplace.  A fresh market Russet potato that will strongly compete for marketplace with Norkotah Russet and Goldrush.

Pacific Russet tubers have a bold appearance and present a potato that typifies a typical American style Russet Baking Potato.

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 Soraya is a low input variety with a broad diseases resistance profile, making it ideal for organic production. It is a variety suited for different climatic areas and performs well throughout these regions.  It produces high yields of attractive, oval shapped tubers with shallow eyes. It stores well late in the season and is suited to washing and pre-packing with no discoloration after cooking.

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