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Real Potatoes specialty varieties

Cascada can be easily grown for the Baby potato type marketplace.  Cascada produces short oval potatoes that are very smooth with bright skin finish.  In addition, the high marketable yields and excellent taste and culinary profiles will allow the variety to be sold in high end specialty packs.

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Lucera is a very tasty potato with a waxy skin and brilliant skin finish.  It produces a high yield of creamer type sized potatoes.  The specific waxy flavour makes it a unique variety. Due to an exceptionally high tuber count, it makes Lucera an obvious choice for the creamer category.  Combined the varieties long term storability, Lucera is a variety that can be available all year round.  

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A European bred variety with multiple resistances, making this a very grower friendly and sustainable variety.  Although a very rustic variety, Ciklamen has become a red creamer standard in North America in recent years.  It produces short oval potatoes that have a smooth bright red skin and a creamy white flesh.  In addition, Ciklamen has a high marketable creamer yield with excellent taste and a great culinary profile that will allow the variety to be sold in high end specialty retail packs.

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RP 2009-5r is a leading option for the creamer marketplace.  RP 2009-5r produces round to short oval potatoes that have a smooth red skin and a light yellow flesh. It has very nice smooth skin finish that holds up well for strong appeal on the shelf.  In addition to the high marketable creamer yields, RP 2009-5r has exceptional culinary properties. Smooth and silky texture makes it a winner even for those with experienced culinary palates.  These culinary traits allows this creamer selection to be a variety of choice in high end consumer packs throughout North America.

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Available in smaller quantities

Empress is a second early creamer that produces a high number of tubers per plant.  It is ideally suited for the baby potato market segment, typically creamer size is ready at 68-74 DAP, depending on location.  Short oval to oval in shape and bright smooth skin finish makes this a natural choice for consideration.  Characteristics such as early maturity, uniform tuber type, great flavor profile and regional adaptability makes this a creamer suitable for the creamer segment.

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